Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What I'm Wearing....In SL

ok so i've decided to go over what my avatar is wearing at the moment.

let's start at the top:

my hair,skin,eyes, and shape were from a freebie pack....yes...hair's still red...guess it's my trademark... :D The glasses, however i got during the SAH Hunt

Adjunct - Superstar Glasses


now the vest/shirt combo

i got as a freebie (imagine that! :D) at a Mad Hatter themed party on Caledon. It was designed by Terry "To-a-T" Lightfoot and it's called, "Maverick Waistcoat - Diamond Jim"

you can find her stores on

Caledon Eyre

Port Babbage


Caldedon Glengarry

the shirt comes in longsleeve white and shortsleeve with sleeve cuff attachments and longsleeved red

the jeans?

say it with me......a freebie.

now, i know you're asking, "but Monroe! where'd u get those awsome shoes!?"


i got these on the SAH hunt as well from a store called Robbish

annd last, but not least, i always have on my Emdash hud. It's a personal teleporter/item rezzer hud of win made by the incredible Cheshyr Pontchartrain who owns,runs and makes many of the things for sale in the Novatech store/sim on Galifrey

It's also on Xstreet

well...that's it....hope you enjoyed this look into my avatar fashion choices...im thinking about doing a 365 photo thing with all my different avatars....what do u think?


  1. I grief-ed you man... you were wearing these threads... I made a video.. it will be on you-tube soon. Just a heads up. DO NOT FALL ASLEEP ON CORONA CAY MAN! I have told you McFLY!